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The first scalable and wearable digital vault

A product range of wearable devices which help to manage your personnal and sensible data everyday. A real wearable safe that you can hold in your hand and use as easily as an IPod. Just one finger to manage your privacy, that's it.

Equiped with several wired and wireless technologies you can use it everywhere in all circumstances and with any device.

No cloud, no online storage, you keep your data in your hand.

It can be updated online with the Privatys Application Store to support new functionnalities.

Secure Cloud or Local backup help you to be quiet in case of lost or theft.


Identity Manager
to store and retreive safely your logins and passwords
Strong Authentifcation
to enforce your online account, applications and computer
to send confidential emails and documents to anyone using worlwilde security standard
Access Control
to open your office door, parking gate or any other contacless lock
Certificate Manager
to keep your secret key outside of any vulnerable device
Static Password Manager
to generate strong static password without storing it anywhere
Virtual Wallet
to keep your Cryptocurrencies, Credit card, Paypal or any payment information safe

And even more with the Privatys Application Store


A range of products for a range of needs

From an embedded USB key to a wireless device with a touchscreen and a biometric authentication, you can choose the right products to cover the rights needs and the right budget.

Several accessories like Desk Station, Connected Lanyards, App Gateway and more will be soon available.

For large orders, products can be customized with your company logo and dedicated secure firmware managed by an online or on-premise deployment gateway.


A usefull 'All In One' product for everyday

With the Companion Pro you need only one device. It becomes your corporate SmartCard, your certification authority to encrypt and sign, your encrypted USB storage to keep sensitive documents safe, your password manager and many more functionnalities you need to secure your business environment everyday.

Secure your infrastructure while simplifying the daily routine of your employees, partners and customers.

An high respect of legacy, you do not need to have any extra adapter; Companion is compatible with any device (computer, smartphone...) and with any operating system.

Make your employes save at least 1 hour per day and reduce significant cost of your company's IT support. With Companion, you could apply your security policy in trust.


Simplify and secure your digital life

Today its important for everyone to use strong passwords and, when available, strong authentification to protect online accounts. But how to securely store all these sensitive information and use them easily ? Its now possible with your Companion.

Try it now and save precious time everyday.